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Stanford University ELL Resources

In addition to WordSift, Stanford University offers a range of services and programs to improve instruction for English Language Learners.

Our popular on-line CLAD/CTEL certification program for California teachers is a competitively priced, high quality option for teachers of ELLs – about 1,000 teachers from districts throughout the state have taken the challenge and received their state certification – in addition to Stanford graduate credits through Continuing Studies. Find out more.

The same video content used in our CLAD/CTEL program is provided free of charge through our on-line site. Why do we want to give this away? Because our mission is to improve instruction for ELLs, and we hope that these free, high-quality materials are used teachers and trainers of teachers as broadly as possible. Find out more.

Stanford University is home to many faculty, staff and students who work to support ELL instruction. Visit the home page of Kenji Hakuta and his colleagues in the various degree programs at the School of Education – see especially our Ph.D. program in Educational Linguistics, and our M.A. Program in Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies (POLS) with an emphasis track on the Education of Linguistic Minorities.

Stanford University is also involved in a long-term collaboration with the San Francisco Unified School District through the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP), where the efforts are focused on the improvement of science and math education for ELLs and underachieving minority groups, especially in the middle schools. UC Berkeley and UCSF are also involved in this partnership.

Stanford University recently signaled its campuswide interest in K-12 education by prioritizing the improvement of K-12 education as one of its key fundraising priorities in the Stanford Challenge. See the K-12 Initiative homepage for more information.